LILA Inter-actions Archives: 2015

January February
Inter-actions: Dialogues in B·h·a·k·t·i The Lankan Observer: Indefinite Vigil
Priya Ravish Mehra & Anamika 2 January 2015 Sasanka Perera & Thiranjala Weerasinghe 6 February 2015
Pravasi: Indian from the Outside Paanch Saal: Out of the Chrysalis of Dissent
T.P. Sreenivasan & Meena Alexander 9 January 2015 Vijay Pratap & Mukul Kesavan 13 February 2015
Taxing Taxonomies: Governments, States & Tehsils Delhi: Capital Sprawl
Vinod Vyasulu & K Swaminathan 16 January 2015 Lucy Peck & Jaideep Chatterjee 20 February 2015
Constituting Nepal: From Cultures to Nation? Land Acquisition: Tectonic Shifts
Mallika Shakya & Guillaume Gandelin 23 January 2015 Divya Trivedi, Dunu Roy & C.R. Yadu 27 February 2015
Fascism: (De)fences
Joe Keysor & Subhash Gatade 30 January 2015
March April
The Union Budget: The Rules and the Divides Passing Over: Beyond Fait(h) Accompli
K. Shanthi & Ritu Dewan 6 March 2015 Esther David & Devasia M. Antony 3 April 2015
The Islamic State: Hiding in Plain Sight? WhatsAAP with Us? Our Critical Silence
Come Carpentier de Gourdon & Omar Sheira 13 March 2015 Manju Kak & S. Gopalakrishnan 10 April 2015
Poetry and Science: Through the Tests of Time Our Net Freedom: The Bottom Line of Gross Expression
Gauhar Raza & George Szirtes 20 March 2015 Abhay Regi & Meenakshi Ajaykumar 17 April 2015
Tibet Recall: Meandering Concerns Ling: The G-Line of Control
Abanti Bhattacharya & Agneya Singh 27 March 2015 Maya Krishna Rao & Jasmine Lovely George 24 April 2015
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