LILA Inter-actions Archives: 2014

January February
Muzaffarnagar: A Winter in Exile Dhasal: Beyond Words
Harsh Mander & Ananya Rao 15 January 2014 Sharankumar Limbale & Shankar Bagh 3 February 2014
Liu Xia: Poet Planting Signs Section 377: Responding
K. Satchidanandan & Zahira Rahman 20 January 2014 Anjali Gopalan & Vikramaditya Sahai 10 February 2014
From Khap to AAP: Encountering Dissent Northeast India: The Internal Other?
Raj Liberhan & Lekha Roy 27 January 2014 Mitra Phukan, Munish Tamang
& Manjeet Baruah
17 February 2014
Aam Aadmi Party: Making the Citizen Politician?
Sarah Joseph & Rajgopal Saikumar 24 February 2014
March April
Plurality: Co-Writing the Wider History See Lanka Today: Trapped Between Footprints and Voices?
Pepita Seth & Eddin Khoo 3 March 2014 Cheran Rudhramoorthy & N Sathiya Moorthy 7 April 2014
Bharatiya Janata Party: Searching the Vital Centre? Indian National Congress: In Safe Hands?
Jaswant Singh & Vidya Subrahmaniam 10 March 2014 Tarun Gogoi & Teesta Setalvad 14 April 2014
Kathputli: A Vision of Urban Reinvention Governance: Miles to Go
Rahman Shah, Puran Bhaat
& Tapan Chakravarty
17 March 2014 Kumar Shahani & Rizio Yohannan Raj 21 April 2014
The Indian Left Front: Recasting the Spiral of Negation? Post-Script as Preface: Who is a Citizen Politician?
Brinda Karat & K Venu 24 March 2014 Rizio Yohannan Raj 24 April 2014
Contemporary Media: Tuning into Mis/Trust Channels Sri Lanka Times: Nations and Narratives
BRP Bhaskar & Shashwati Goswami 31 March 2014 Susantha Goonatilake & Aaranya Rajasingam 28 April 2014
May June
Vital Beauty: Of Stones, Flesh and Raptures Haiku & Ghazal: The Metaphysics of Beauty
Benoy K Behl & Rosalyn D’Mello 5 May 2014 Kala Ramesh & Len Anderson 2 June 2014
Us, Sex Workers: Means for a Meaning Football: Beauty on the Defensive?
Nalini Jameela & Luca Stevenson 12 May 2014 NS Madhavan & Hyginus Uchenna Okoronkwo 9 June 2014
Counting on Beauty: The Quantum of Our Values Crimea: The Heart of Russian Pre-Occupation
Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma
& Ambroise C. Bukasa
19 May 2014 MD Nalapat, Willie Mc Loud
& Dominik Tolksdorf
16 June 2014
Government: Of, By, For the People? Forced Labour: Over-timed Feudalism?
Sudheendra Kulkarni & Ananya Vajpeyi 26 May 2014 J John & Praveen Jha 23 June 2014
Season Round-Up: Refractions off the Spheres
Speto & Samuel Buchoul 30 June 2014
August September
Echoes of the Queer: Blurring the Frame Smart City: No Man’s Methodology?
Mavin Khoo and Pramada Menon 1 August 2014 MN Buch & Vinita Yadav 5 September 2014
The Promise of Gaza: Outstripping Confrontation Fortifying the Brew: The Highs and Lows of Moderation
Sujata Ashwarya Cheema & Ibrahim Abughali 8 August 2014 K.C. Rosakkutty & Manoj Yesodharan 12 September 2014
Trans-Creating the Body: Allying the Human and the Cosmic Dividing Waters: The Valley in Distress
Pushpamala N and Naman Ahuja 15 August 2014 Somnath Bandyopadhyay & Nirmal Selvamony 19 September 2014
Our Warring Moves: Space, Conflict, Beauty Ebola: Treating Viral Cultures
Loulou d’Aki & Rich Rice 22 August 2014 Christian Nkanu & Pachuau Lalmalsawma 26 September 2014
Ananthamurthy: Hearing the Here
Nikhil Govind & N Nagaraju 29 August 2014
October November
Gandhi: Experimenting With Brave New World: Order in Place?
Pritham K. Chakravarthy & Amitabh Mitra 3 October 2014 Pravakar Sahoo & Ludovic Aubin 7 November 2014
Internet Slowdown Day: Speeding Access Children’s Day Out: Bringing Up Parents
P P Sneha & Hari Shankar Prasad 10 October 2014 Himanjali Sankar & Gayathri Sankar 14 November 2014
Fiji: Lessons in Democratic Creativity Ganga Rejuvenation: Old Water in a New Bottle?
ManMohini Kaul & Dipti Darshna Swamy 17 October 2014 Ravi Agarwal & Himanshu Thakkar 21 November 2014
Light: Sparks and Streams HIV/AIDS: Closing the Legacy
Nandivad Rathnasree & Bhakti Niskama Shanta 17 October 2014 Glory Alexander & Rajesh Talwar 28 November 2014
October, 1984: Spectres of Our Past
Hartosh Bal Singh & Vikram Kapur 24 October 2014
Records & Scratches: History Lessons from Ayodhya
Irfan Habib & Kumkum Roy 5 December 2014
Burial of the Unknown: Tragedies of Toxic Leadership
Satinath Sarangi & Thomas Crowley 12 December 2014
Ferguson, etc.: Attention!
Will Simcoe & Meghna Chandra 19 December 2014
Beyond the Seen: Santa-Clause
Saurav Das & Lijo Stephen Chacko 26 December 2014
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