If You Keep Women Out, They Get Resentful

For the first time ever, view a gallery of artist-activists Guerrilla Girls on an Indian publication


Since 1985, the Guerrilla Girls have worked with facts and figures. No one can refute them when they put up posters that call the world's attention to the evidences of discrimination in the art world and beyond. They are a set of feminists with a great sense of humour. They use wit and humour to make even their critics laugh, thereby reducing the intensity of possible backlash. Yet, when you look closer, you see that it is no laughing matter that they have been dealing with. View some of their landmark posters in this gallery--for the first time in an Indian publication.


The Guerrilla Girls communicate and market themselves in a highly sophisticated and yet visible manner that, arguably, no other feminist campaign in our times has matched. Their installations and hoardings appeal to an educated viewer like advertising to an urban consumer. Their public appearances wearing gorilla faces are crowd-pullers; they lure, and keep luring more and more people, as they appear in strategic spots. Today, when the Guerrilla Girls walk the streets, their mask-ulinity challenges all stereotypes concerning gender and power. Watch some of their installations in this gallery.