A powerful rap in Kashmiri, challenging the politics of the state, and questioning the possibility of hope

‘Kasheer’ | Ahmer x Sez On The Beat | Azadi Records
All Rights Reserved – 2019 Azadi Records
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Sez On The Beat Lyrics by Ahmer Javed Dar

Crackdow’nas manz zaamit, curfew manz maraan,
We’re born in crackdowns, we die in curfews,

Haqoomat yi haptan hunz, nindrah karaan,
Governed by bears, who sleep on us everyday,

Ais raemit sawaabun manz, khewaan haram,
We’re lost in good deeds but feed the forbidden,

Bunker yeti gharan manz, bha qabrah khanaan,
They turned our homes into bunkers, I’m digging graves,

Ais qabrah khanaan,
We’re digging graves,

Bache, budha, jawaan, maraan,
Kids, the elderly, the youth, get killed,

Dafan yeti zindagi saaeen,
Our lives get buried here,

Che poz ha dapakh yeti bozi na kaeen,
Even if you tell the truth, they don’t have the ears to listen to you,

Chu apuz yi soori, qahawat yi praaeen,
Everything is a lie, it’s an old saying,

Maqbool yi qahawat, shahadat yi meiyien,
These verses are Maqbool (popular), this is my martyrdom,

Shahadat yi saaeen,
This is our martyrdom,

Bha qus?
Who am I?

Bha qus?
Who am I?

Zhan bha Dhul-Qarnyan,
It’s like I’m Dhul-Qarnyan,

Churan fur shahmat,
Thieves are in big double,

Meh khudai sundh taaqat,
I’ve got God’s hand on me,

Lekhaan bha qayamat,
I’m penning down the day of judgement,

Dhazaan chi kaghaz,
These pages burn,

Chus tath asmaanas peth yot na che waatakh,
I’m up there in the clouds, where you won’t reach,

Hip hop miyien ibaadat,
Hip hop is my worship,

Himaqat yi chaen, meh khilaaf yuas waqaalat,
It’s your stupidity, advocating against me,

Laanat! Asi na golaimi hunz aadat,
Such a disgrace, we’re not made for slavery,

Banaawat yi saen, na salaimi hunz aadat,
That’s what we’re made of, salute you? That’s not our habit,

Yim chakaan asi maerith,
They slaughter us and throw us,

Kus diwaan ijaazat?
Who gives them the orders?

Che kya yi kasheer huh?
What is this Kashmir huh?

Jahnum ya janat?
Hell or heaven?

Yim kani kya wanaan?
What do these stones say?

Yim aathan manz basaan,
The stones that you grab in your hands,

Yeli goli chalaan,
When they openly fire,

Yeli kori maraan,
When girls are shot dead,

Ghar kith kani paknaavo,
How are we supposed to feed our families?

Duftar che bandh saeri,
We’re out of business,

Sachool na khulaini,
Our schools don’t open,

Ragan manz baemaeni,
We were sold by our own,

Yim che vote travaan chani,
Whom you vote and elect,

Chus bha yim khatra qahar aasmaeni,
For them, I’m a plaque that has come down from the skies,

Shahran ti ghaaman manz,
In the cities and villages,

Bamb ti bambaeri,
Bombs and bombardment,

Ghum ti manmaeni,
Sorrow and arbitrariness,

Khoon ti waraeni
Bloodshed and destruction,

Zulum o situm ti wajari,
Oppression and disvalue,


Yi? Asi na yi soori qabool,
This? We will never accept all of this?

Yeti na chalaan kah asool,
There are no principles that work here,

Kemsundh yi soori qasoor?
Who’s to be blamed for all this?

Soni yi soori fitoor , soni yi soori fitoor,
I guess this is our obsession, our obsession,

Yah chu Kasheer!
This is Kashmir!


Namthas manz ais yim gharan manz kadaan asi,
Back in 90’s they used to drag us out of our houses ,

Gunan sith karaan kath, dekan peth thawan ais,
Only guns used to talk, aimed at our foreheads,

Zani ais wachaan ti shuir ais wadaan yeti,
Women used to watch and children used to cry,

Shuir waniti wadaan yeti,
The children living in this conflict still cry,

Nowjawan chu budhaan yeti,
The youth is ageing and becoming vulnerable daily,  

Insaafas pat pat chu bechun pewaan asi,
Here, if you’re looking for justice, you need to beg for it,

Zaelim khewan haq topath na pewan ais,
Culprits strip us from our rights and still we don’t fall back,

Poz ha wano ti bane Pakistanik,
If we speak against the unjust, They call us Pakistanis,

Yeti kath na karan kah awaamich,
Why don’t they talk about the people of kashmir?

Yeti kath na karan kah azaabich,
Why don’t they talk about the psychological trauma that kashmir is?

Azadi saeen yimo dabovmich,
The sense of freedom that we should have, has been suppressed,

Yi vaadee waraeni manz ravmich,
This valley is lost in chaos,

Kith kani hekj asith yi ja’iz?
How can this be morally okay?

Prichhu panin’is paan’as, Kith kani heki asith yi ja’iz?
Ask yourself, how can this be morally okay?

Kyazi karo bardaash?
Why would we tolerate the madness?

Kyazi bozav bakwaas?
Why would we pay heed to the excuses?

Yim karaan asi badnaam, yeli wathaan chhi awaaz,
They humiliate us, when the voices of the truth echo,

Galathas khilaaf, maarakh masoomas chhe dinaai inaam,
Against the things that are wrong, if you kill an innocent person, they’re gonna reward you,

Afsar, leader yeti munji kadaan,
All these police officers, the political leaders, they’re letting the situation boil and erupt,

Pon’s yim aati yim timnaai lewaan,
They’re enslaved by money, and it’s the only thing that matters to them the most,

Saani khoonuk khewaan,
We give out blood, sweat and tears, we earn it they take it away from us,

Chhe chhai paayi,
And you know what I’m talking about,

Kya faida miyani wannuk,
What’s the point of me saying all of this but?

Yeti yi na badlaav kah,
When no change is gonna take place,

Wanaan karsa che himat, che mili panin rah,
They say where there is a will, there will be a way

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