Privacy Policy Statement

On behalf of Inter-Actions ( LILA Foundation guarantees the privacy of the information possibly provided by users on the website.

This website does not collect personal information automatically during your visit. However, the website counts several specific contact forms in which you may leave information in order to get in touch with us.

Who collects the information?

Your personal information is controlled by LILA Foundation for Translocal Initiatives, a Public Charitable Trust registered on August 2nd, 2012, as Regn. No. 1226, Delhi.

We do not share your information with external institutions and entities, without requesting your explicit permission beforehand.

Who can contact us?

We do not directly collect, use, provide or process any information coming from children of 18 years old and less. If you are 18 years old or less and want to contact us, please ask your parent or guardian to do it on your behalf.

If a programme that we launch requires minors to register, LILA will request a certificate that shows parental permission for registration.

Why do we collect information?

We collect information from you to be able to respond and take up the requests you have addressed to us. Following are the details of the information collected on each contact form:

• Submissions. We collect your name, email and activity information, as we understand that you are interested in showing submitting your work to us.

• Project Proposal. We collect your name, email, a choice among options on the form of different projects/surveys that we may run, and a 250-300 words description text to help us process your request faster.

• Volunteer . We collect your name, email, phone number to be able to get in touch with you faster, and we further request information on your overall domain of potential contribution to LILA, your last degree or professional experience, and an open text editor is provided for you to tell us more about your background, skills and motivation to work with us.

• LILA Subscription. We collect your name and email to permit the sending of our newsletter and communications, as requested.

• Contact. We collect your name, email to permit communication, and we provide an open text editor to allow you to express your query.

If at any time you wish us to stop sending information on our activities, or even simply to remove your name from our contact registers, just request it in the contact form and we will apply it immediately.

What about non-personal information?

WordPress, on which this website is operated, keeps track of browsing information for the sake of statistical analyses. These include your internet browser, the amount of time spent on our pages, the country and region from which these are visited, and the links and other websites from which you have entered our website.

Is my information updated?

We aim at keeping our information as accurate as possible. Please do let us know when or whether we should modify, update or delete your details. You remain in control of your information.

Is my information safe?

Your information remains conserved on the platforms of our work – our server, Bluehost, its own email service, and our personal and professional Gmail accounts. Each of these are protected through sophisticated technologies, thus ensuring the safety and privacy of your information.

What about intellectual property?

The texts submitted to us for our various platforms (LILA Inter-actions, LILA Parapluie), will not be re-published, translated or compiled elsewhere, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the explicit consent of their respective authors.

Can this privacy policy change?

It may occur that minor aspects of this policy would be updated in the future. Please do visit this page on a regular basis to be informed of the possible modifications.

Do you want to contact us?

If you would like to contact LILA Foundation or Inter-Actions about our privacy policy, please visit our contact page.

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