Vision Manifesto


INTER-ACTIONS is born out of a need to initiate and inspire contemplative thought in the public space, at a time when most media is obsessed with sensation. The diversity of themes, contributors and formats makes INTER-ACTIONS a multi-LILA medium. Over the first phase (Summer 2018 to Spring 2019) of developing our platform, we shall publish 12 thematic bodies of relevant and transformative cultural material in organic formats. Towards the possibility of creative revelations, the chosen theme of each monthly issue will be seen through four prisms: of Culture, Philosophy, Development and Governance. We welcome you to join us on this exciting adventure with ideas.


  • To facilitate an atmosphere and create a ground for reflective thinking, creative collaboration, cultural camaraderie and critical thinking on various streams of knowledge and creativity.
  • To build a circle of thinkers who can relevently connect the enriching history of ideas with our contemporaneity towards exploring organic solutions for our times.
  • To¬†identify new talents, movements, discourses and trends in various fields of knowledge and creativity from different regions and languages and actualise¬†a horizontal educational continuum wherein the participants understand one another as peers in cultural exploration.
  • To nurture a middle space of democratic dialogue, that brings together both the mainstream as well as marginalised diversity of India and the world in a creative and compassionate manner.
  • To promote various linguistic traditions within India, and foster the organic connections among the country‚Äôs literatures, arts, sciences, and social sciences, and the society in an effective way
  • To reach beyond isolating boundaries and connect different themes in a multi-disciplinary field of exploration, bridging the practice of ideation and execution.
Knowledge is power, and our intention is to bring the power to you. We have initiated a thought movement that aims to strengthen democracy by bringing to you direct voices of important trailblazers and pathmakers, and reclaim deep and patient reflection as an important seed for relevant and sustainable action! Help us take this movement forward. Support Inter-Actions today for as little as Rs. 100.
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