What is LILA Inter-actions?

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LILA Inter-actions, a medium of translocal dialogues

Everything that lives evolves, transforms and transcends itself. LILA Inter-actions was conceptualised in December 2013, and launched in early 2014, as a platform of weekly debates. After its first semester, thirty publications later, LILA Inter-actions is acknowledging its growth and redefines itself as a medium of translocal dialogues.


In the vision of LILA, dialogue is the name for a horizon, an ideal of interaction. We reaffirm this term, in a climate and culture of exchanges too often flirting with battles of noises. The historical evolution of intellectual traditions across the world has been marked by a critical turn, where the reflexive thinker became first an opponent, the growing voice against a designated enemy. Determined to extend this uncompromising and rigourous ethos, we also want to reorient intellectual exchanges towards their actual objectives: attentive receptions, mindful contributions, collaborative actions. And this, through the medium of gracious and inventive language – the human’s most immediate pathway to creating the world. LILA Inter-actions is a medium of dialogues. We believe that profound, transformative acts emerge through the margins, through the interstices of the major tumults of our times. From the subversion of/by non-confrontations. Proposing a new sound box to the paradigm of the belligerent ‘debate’ would be validating the assumption that change must be frontal, individually directed, thus losing its line of sight in the short-term of the ad personam.

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The dialogue – two voices, dissonant or consonant waves contributing to a coherent energy reaching the shores. And, soon, dialogues, within an exchange, and across exchanges, as the two is extended beyond confrontations. Voices that may not need to respond to each other directly; voices that may submit simultaneously, for the creative pleasure of the readers, for the sudden emergence of an unexpected pattern. Tangential takes on what constitutes or should constitute our reality, from the latest geopolitical crisis to a noted artistic movement, from new forms of old philosophical questions to the ongoing economic policy of a nation. LILA Inter-actions, a medium of translocal dialogues. Our rooms, our cells, our buildings and colonies have proven the paradox of their isolation. In times surrounded, or perhaps, drowned by masses and varieties of communication, the foundations of our journeys, of our aspirations, of our challenges, are still unknown between neighbours. Compartmentalised reflections lead to the irony of their impasse. Discourses must open up – open to the world, open to their Other-s, open to exchange, discussion, co-thinking and co-acting. Hence, a radicalisation of the inter-disciplinary, the translocal is necessary, as a double bet. First, the translocal affirms locality: it insists on the expertise of the writer, the insurance of a perspective carefully prepared and backed up. But, the translocal is also the synchronous transcendence of the local, the discovery of the Other as its ultimate skyline, the interdependent necessities of discourses feeding each other in the continued effort of an opening to new audiences.

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