Arti Prashar: Pioneer of Non-Verbal Performance-Therapy for Dementia, Ageing and Spirituality

Theatre Artiste Arti Prashar has created a space and practice to help dementia patients as well as their caregivers and loved ones

Arti Prashar is the Artistic Director and CEO of Spare Tyre – a front-runner organisation engaging with issues of identity politics through the alternative theatre movement. Having more than 20 years of experience working with elderly people, Arti ventured into creating an inclusive communication process for the patients of dementia – an open-ended interaction system between them and their carers, friends or family.

Through her non-verbal therapeutic approach, she coaches caretakers to effectively engage with their patients to help them create a new entity and a new reality for themselves,based on the patient’s perceptions.Her non-verbal, performance based multi-sensory shows include the involvement of the dementia patients, helping them create a reality for themselves- a reality, no matter how momentary it is, that makes the patients feel a sense of belonging, in spite of their diminishing mental capacity to think, remember, and act. Arti with her skilled team members Spare Tyre is now joining hands with partner organizations to increase the global outreach of this non-invasive, alternative healing process

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