Ishwar, Allah and the Elements – A Gallery

A Gallery of Achyut Palav’s works – Ishwar Allah Tero Naam and Calliscrolls

Ishwar Allah Tero Naam 

They say that every thought we put out into the world affects it… a strong thought alters it and a thought that becomes a movement changes it forever.  

Being Indians, the essence of communal harmony is what we grew up with. It is a privilege to be born in the spiritual capital of the world that has set an example of how people of various religions, sects and races can stay together, and mutually respect and uphold each other’s beliefs. As a calligrapher I have learnt, ‘Art has no religion; it only knows the beauty of creation’. In some form or the other, Art finds a place in hearts of people.  

‘Ishwar Allah Tero Naam’ is a series created along with fellow calligrapher, Salva Rasool. The concept of this series was born from the idea that if two different artists, with different styles and different ideologies, belonging to different religions can co-exist and constructively work together, then why can’t we pray to the divine one through various means. If two distinct scripts can blend on a canvas to create one exquisite masterpiece, then two religions with their unique philosophies can surely promote harmony and peace in this world.  

Beneath all those religious customs and traditions, let there be one common religion in our hearts… Humanity, and this what ‘Ishwar Allah Tero Naam’ is all about.  

Calliscrolls’- Calligraphic Manifestation of Energy  

Indian calligraphy is much appreciated in the West due to its rich and ornate nature. The compositions from scriptures and scripts are also popular. The theme of these creations is Urja – the energy from the cosmos and the sacred inspiration derived from the Holy Book of ‘Gita’. The creations symbolise the eternal power of the Gita’s verses that have laid the rules of pious karma and the energy resulting from the vibrant universe.  

This series, ‘Calliscrolls’, is a presentation of the compositions in the form of scrolls or the ‘Khalita’. The paintings have attempted to illustrate the life altering power of the verses from Gita – the True Divine Words of God, and the inspiration drawn from the universe.  

The term ‘Calliscrolls’ is coined from the phrase ‘Calligraphy on Scrolls’. Since the ancient times, scrolls have been used to store information regarding royal decrees, accounts of valour and royal correspondence. Scrolls are not only popular in India but have been greatly used in the early Roman, Greek and Egyptian culture. Choosing the display on scroll like canvas adds to the grandeur of the art and at the same time takes you back to the times when this art was revered.  

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